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About Us

Our family has been farming in Essex since 1940. Since then the farm has seen a lot of changes! In 2015 we started growing pumpkins and squash for the wholesale market. In 2020 Ross returned home to the family farm and welcomed visitors to come and pick their own pumpkin straight from the field it had grown in! 

In 2023 we have added our confetti flower fields, this year is a trial year as it is the first time our family has grown flowers at a commercial scale! Hopefully it will all go well and we can go ahead with a larger event in 2024!

We pride ourselves on providing amazing outdoor experiences for everyone to enjoy. So whether you're looking for the perfect family day out, or a date with your loved one, we can assure that we'll do our absolute best to make sure you have an amazing time at the farm!

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Seasonal Pumpkins


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